S.A.M. Parker (Secret Agent Man)

Patrolling the park thanks to Wadsworth Solutions and their partner EcoXpert Building Security


Click play to listen to SAM’s official theme song: Secret Agent Man.

Meet S.A.M. – Secret Agent Man – a cutting-edge robot security guard for the safety and peace of mind for visitors, tenants, and residents.

SAM, aka Secret Agent Man, is an autonomous, AI-driven robot equipped with advanced surveillance capabilities, providing real-time monitoring and proactive responses to potential security incidents. Moving 2-3 MPH with a 360-degree view, the robot is on the lookout for theft, car accidents, fires, vandalism and more.


Patrolling the park thanks to Wadsworth Solutions and their partner EcoXpert Building Security.



Will it call the police?
No. SAM will not directly call the police. However, SAM does have a Intercom button on one side of the machine that is  programmed to call security on-duty. Upon pressing this button, you will engage a two-way discussion with the Crocker Park Security Team.


Are the robot sensors safe?
Yes. SAM utilizes commercially available, off-the-shelf sensors that are already proven safe and effective for everyday use.


Is it armed?
No. SAM is not armed in anyway.


Is SAM going to hit my car?
No. SAM is a level five autonomous device driven by artificial intelligence (AI) with various levels of object avoidance, which is used to dynamically understand the environment every millisecond. If you are in the immediate vicinity of SAM, he will either remain static until you leave his allowable patrol path or he will maneuver around your vehicle at walking speed and within he allowable patrolling range.


What kind of photos or videos is SAM taking?
SAM visually observes his surroundings using video cameras and a thermal camera. This security service is already commonly accepted in the public domain with fixed security camera systems. Machines proactively seek out anomalies that might suggest criminal activity – e.g., people in restricted areas – and alert the proper authorities when a concern is detected.


How does SAM know where it is?
SAM operates within a predefined, geo-fenced area. This machine does not rely solely on one sensor to determine its current location and plot a directional path. He utilizes data from multiple sensors to develop a complete picture of his environment and determine a position within those boundaries.


Is SAM spying on me?
No, SAM is only recording video of open areas and not of anyone in particular. He is here to keep you and your belongings safer by deterring criminal activity and unwanted behaviors.


Who has access to the live and recorded video stream?
Only authorized individuals. The interface is password protected and all of the data is encrypted both at rest and in transit.


Does SAM talk?
Yes. SAM can be programmed to broadcast nearly any message related to security, safety, facilities, visitor experience and much more, in English and/or Spanish, in a female or male voice.


Where can I see SAM?
All over Crocker Park! SAM loops the whole property 24/7/365 so keep an eye out to see him in action. If you don’t see him out and about, he’ll be taking a quick break to relax and recharge in the Crocker Road Garage near Chico’s and Ann Taylor.