Crocker Cares
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Welcome Back


Crocker Park is dedicated to helping you safely visit our property. While the COVID-19 situation remains very fluid, we are closely monitoring mandates and recommendations from the Ohio Department of Health and the governor’s office and will be implementing new safety protocols and procedures as we progress further into the recovery process.


The following information provides an overview of the concrete steps we are currently taking to help prevent further spread of COVID-19. In accordance with Responsible Restart Ohio, we are implementing a comprehensive set of safety protocols and procedures to help prevent exposure to the virus for employees, tenants, vendors, and guests.


Learn more about Responsible Restart Ohio at


How We’re Keeping You Safe & Informed

Providing a safe environment for everyone is our biggest priority. Below are a few of the many safety measures we’re implementing to ensure our community is informed and safe.

Outdoor Kiosks

24/7 broadcasting of pertinent health and safety information.

Elevator Capacity

Posted signs limiting capacity to 2 people per elevator at a time.

Directional Signage

Creating in-store walking paths to avoid unnecessary contact.

Bathroom Capacity

Posted signs limiting capacity to 2 people at a time.

Distancing Markers

Visible markers to ensure minimum of 6ft social distancing.

Digital Screen

24/7 broadcasting of pertinent health and safety information.

Website Listings

Up-to-date listing of openings, closures, and new info.

PA Announcements

Regular news and info updates when applicable.

Smart Entry/Exit

Dedicated entry/exit signs for smooth foot-traffic flow.

Email Newsletters

Sign up to receive updated news direct to your Inbox.

Promotional Eblasts

Sign up to receive tenant specific news and special offers.

Table Tents

Informative print outs placed on tabletops where applicable.

Property Signage

Pertinent info posted on signage around property.

Hand Sanitizers

Convenient sanitizing stations placed around property.

Increased Cleaning

Regular cleaning of common, high touchpoint areas.

Masks & PPE

Required for all employees. Guests urged to wear PPE.

Reorganized Seating

Seating areas are spread out to offer more space.

Curbside Pickup

Shops and restaurants will be offering no-contact pickup.

*Please note, some of the above measures are subject to change.

What Shops & Restaurants Are Open?

Many of our tenants are still working to decide when and how to safely reopen. We kindly ask that you contact each tenant directly to confirm hours and any safety measures they are requiring of guests. More info at links below. Thanks for your understanding.

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Shop at Crocker Park
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Shop at Crocker Park
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Dine at Crocker Park
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Dine at Crocker Park
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Play at Crocker Park
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Play at Crocker Park

For more info and updates, follow us @crockerpark.