Fitness Loop

Fitness Loop

Get moving on Crocker Park’s 1-mile Fitness Loop where you can shop, dine, and get active all at the same time!


The Fitness Loop in open 24/7 and starts at 292 Main St, located at the end of the property (towards American Greetings and next door to H&M). You can also jump in the loop from anywhere on the trail!


As you follow the markers in the loop, you will be taken all throughout Crocker Park where you can stop for a tea, a t-shirt, or a bite to eat….and get your steps in! The loop will finish in front of World Market, right across the street from the starting point.


We also invite you to check out our Spotify playlist to keep you motivated while on the Fitness Loop! Click here to view and listen.


The best places to park to join in the Crocker Park Fitness Loop is the Mulberry parking garage behind Trader Joe’s open to the public daily, or the American Greetings garage open weekdays after 6pm and all weekend.