Flows & Grows to Open at Crocker Park

Flows & Grows to Open at Crocker Park

Flows & Grows

August 16, 2023

Flows & Grows: A Unique Yoga Studio and Plant Store To Open at Crocker Park

Flows & Grows, an innovative concept merging the patterns of growth provided by both yoga and houseplants, is set to open its first brick and mortar on August 28th at 228 Market St, Westlake, OH 44145. This exciting new venture aims to provide a holistic growth experience for the community, offering yoga classes, workshops, meditation, sound healing and a carefully curated selection of plants to promote physical and mental well-being.

Flows & Grows emerged from the vision of Emily Kloss, a dedicated local yogi with a profound love for personal development, yoga, and the natural world. Understanding the powerful synergy that arises when these elements are harmonized, Kloss established a distinctive sanctuary aimed at nurturing self-discovery, dedicated practice, and a sense of belonging within a community.

This exceptional studio offers a diverse range of yoga classes, catering to practitioners of every level, and guided by seasoned instructors. At Flows & Grows, the focus lies in creating an environment that fosters personal transformation and self-care, where the connection between mind, body, and nature intertwines seamlessly.

What sets Flows & Grows apart is its adjoining plant store, offering an array of indoor tropical plants, succulents, and cacti. The carefully selected plants not only add aesthetic appeal to the space but also provide a visceral and tangible feeling of growth. With an emphasis on sustainability, Flows & Grows will source its plants from local nurseries and promote eco-friendly practices throughout the store.

Emily Kloss, the driving force behind Flows & Grows, expressed her enthusiasm for the upcoming opening: “I am thrilled to bring this unique concept to Crocker Park. Flows & Grows is more than just a yoga studio; it’s a mecca for growth; rooted in practice, self-exploration and community. The presence of plants creates an environment that is not only beautiful but also enhances the overall experience.”

Flows & Grows will offer a range of packages, including drop-in classes, monthly passes, and packages tailored to individual needs. The studio will also host workshops and events focused on all aspects of growth, wellness, and sustainable living, inviting renowned instructors and speakers to share their expertise with the community. “The grand opening of Flows and Grows at Crocker Park fills us with immense joy as we introduce this health-driven haven, blending yoga and plants, to our property. We couldn’t be happier to offer our visitors this enriching and wellness-focused experience,” Stated Stacie Schmidt, Vice President of Marketing at Crocker Park.

For more information about Flows & Grows, including class schedules, pricing, and events, please visit flowsandgrows.com or contact Emily Kloss at info.flowsandgrows@gmail.com. Flows & Grows is located behind GAP and across from Condado Tacos, they will host daily classes and the plant shop will be open 1pm – 5pm Wednesday – Saturday.