Océanne Opening Third Location at Crocker Park

Océanne Opening Third Location at Crocker Park

Océanne Opening Third Location at Crocker Park

March 18, 2024

Océanne Expands Its Reach with the Grand Opening of Third Location in Crocker Park

Océanne, the celebrated brand renowned for transcending jewelry to embody modern style and personal expression, is excited to announce the forthcoming launch of its third boutique, situated in the vibrant Crocker Park in a previously undeveloped space with 1,173 square feet. The expansion into this thriving community marks a significant milestone for local business owner Anne Harrill and underscores Océanne’s commitment to bringing its unique creations to new audiences and will be located at 295 Main Street, next to World Market.

Founded by Anne Harrill, Océanne is more than a jewelry brand; it’s a testament to craftsmanship, individuality, and the beauty of storytelling through design. Anne’s journey, from her upbringing in the picturesque landscapes of southern France to establishing herself as an entrepreneur in Cleveland, has been characterized by a dedication to creating pieces that resonate with the wearer’s personal style and narrative.

“Bonjour! I am thrilled to announce the opening of our third Océanne location in Crocker Park. At Océanne, our mission is to celebrate life’s moments, big and small, through beautifully crafted jewelry that reflects the uniqueness of each individual,” expressed Anne Harrill, Founder of Océanne.

The grand opening event, slated for this summer, promises an immersive experience that celebrates artistry, craftsmanship, and community spirit. Guests can look forward to live demonstrations, exclusive promotions, and the opportunity to explore Océanne’s latest collections firsthand.

In addition to their renowned jewelry collections, Océanne offers an array of timeless treasures that transcend the ordinary. At the heart of their brand lies Forever Jewelry, a symbol of lasting beauty and cherished memories. But Océanne’s offerings don’t stop there. From stylish apparel and accessories to home decor and fragrant candles, the brand curates a diverse selection that caters to every aspect of modern living.

Océanne’s commitment to community and women empowerment is at the forefront of everything they do. This can be shown through their partnerships with local businesses, resulting in unique offerings such as candles, glassware, journals, and hats, each embodying the essence of craftsmanship and innovation. Moreover, every purchase of their printed apparel and goods directly contributes to the mission of Refresh Collective, a local nonprofit dedicated to nurturing the leadership skills of Cleveland’s youth. Additionally, all Océanne custom clothing, accessories, and gifts are hand-printed by women in the early stages of sobriety at the Refresh Print Shop. Purchases directly support the recovery, development, and enrichment of the next generation of changemakers.

With a shared commitment to quality and storytelling, the collaboration between Océanne and Crocker Park aims to provide residents and visitors alike an expression of individuality, helping them look good, feel good, and do good.

Océanne’s other locations are in historic Gordon Square in Cleveland and at Pinecrest in Orange, OH. For more information about the grand opening event and to discover Océanne’s stunning collections, please visit Océanne’s website.