Wild Mango Bringing Upscale Dining Concept

Wild Mango Bringing Upscale Dining Concept to Crocker Park

Mar 29, 2021

Wild Mango Bringing Upscale Dining Concept To Crocker Park

The eclectic, well known restaurant, Wild Mango, will be joining Crocker Park’s extensive list of dining options later this year, bringing the community jaw-dropping experiences on a plate. The new location opening in East Park will provide visitors an upscale dining experience complete with a menu to impress.

Wild Mango is owned by Jai Wei, a chef and restauranteur who moved to Ohio in the 1990’s where he began his career in Oberlin. Wei’s passion has always been to provide his communities with multi-cultural cuisine from around the globe, displaying his creations like works of art. His passion for food and providing each diner a lasting, memorable impression led him to expand to Cleveland, where he opened Wild Mango, an homage to his love of Asian street food and passion for customer satisfaction and experience.

“I have been dining at Wild Mango for several years, continually in awe and marvel with Jai Wei’s vision and design, all put on every single plate of food served at the restaurant,” said Lidia Saluan Richani, Executive Vice President of Leasing for Stark Enterprises. “I knew from my first bite of fresh sea scallop there years ago that I had to find a way to bring Jai Wei into the Stark Enterprises family. I am thrilled to now welcome him into Crocker Park, our experience epicenter. With us both in the business of creating unforgettable experiences for visitors, I would say this is the perfect fit.”

Wild Mango features a unique blend of cuisines to create a menu unlike any other. Drawing inspiration from Asian, European, and South American flavors, their wide selection consists of items ranging from spicy tuna tartar, baked Japanese eggplant, noodle bowls, grilled strip steak, BBQ ribs, and more! Every single dish prepared at Wild Mango is held to extremely high standards, serving unique presentation that “wows” guests every time, using high quality ingredients and creativity to make the ideal combination. Wild Mango’s most popular dishes include fresh seafood flown in from Hawaii every week, and their famous Pepsi Shrimp appetizer, born from Jai Wei’s daughter dropping a shrimp into her Pepsi one evening, before finding that in fact it tasted delicious!

Wild Mango will be located at 139 Crocker Park Blvd next to Aladdin’s Eatery, overlooking East Park, one of the epicenters for summer and holiday entertainment at Crocker Park. The restaurant will be approximately 8,002 square feet and seat 180 diners comfortably inside, and 100 diners outside on their patio.

For more information on Wild Mango and to view their menu, visit wildmangorestaurant.com. Stay up to date on all the new additions coming to Crocker Park by visiting crockerpark.com and following @CrockerPark on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.